Inspiration and Comfort

Angie Smith. {Sigh.} Mother to princess Audrey Caroline.
Audrey too, was pre-destined for heaven. Just like Savannah.
I found Angie's blog, and her book, (and her husband's song)
when I was eight months pregnant with Savannah.
I sat in the kitchen one night reading her story, sobbing hysterically.
Clutching my big pregnant belly.
I knew.
Everynight, I would sing "Audrey's song," while holding my belly.
Some how, God lead me to Angie.
Lead me to the story of Audrey.
A divine preparation of what it is like,
to carry a baby, whom has short life, but a much bigger purpose.

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A woman after my own heart.
Join Wendi, and her glorious family of seven. All boys!
She praises God as she raises snips and snails, 
while tending and nurturing handsome "K" with cerebral palsy.
"K" lost his identical twin brother "JD" at 10days old.
She dances through all of the minefields with her husband, 
and loves God, with all of her heart, might, and soul.

...And when you can't get enough of Wendi at Everyday Miracles,
{Which I can't!}
You can follow her beautiful daily photography here::

 Beautiful Serenity was born at only six months old.
Her sweet mommy, writes letters to her in heaven
as she learns how to say goodbye to her precious daughter.
Serenity and Savannah were due one month apart,
and were born and passed away one month apart.
Her mommy awaits her FIFTH baby through prematurity and miscarriage,
we are hoping and praying she can bring this one home.
Again we are due ONE MONTH apart.
She is expecting a sweet baby girl, to be named Ryleigh.

Sweet Ewan.
Born on Savannah's due date, September 18th 2010.
He was born, as his mommy would say, with a broken heart.
Congenital Heart Defect. (CHD.)
Ewan, his mommy, and his daddy fought for 17days.
His mommy writes her blog as a journal through grief.
Ewan is rocked by angels, and
watches over his anticipated
baby sister, Austen.

Tiffany writes about what it is like to loose her healthy
baby boy, Julius, to SIDS. {Sudden infant death syndrome.}
Her story is encouraging, yet unfair.
She is now starting an organization...

...Which is exactly that.
A support organization for families who lost their child to SIDS/SUIDS.
All in Julius' name.

Mattie and her beautiful family.
They have three children.
Ethan, whom God graciously gave to them,
and Shyla & Jakin whom he graced them with briefly.
They are venturing out on a new journey after their two premature losses.
They have Faith that could move mountains,
I know God will see them through.

Jennifer and her husband, tell the story of their own
fourth gift from the Lord.
Three healthy beautiful children.
Two boys. One girl.
Expected their fourth as well.

Eli, growing as a healthy baby should,
just couldn't fight against his lack of fluid.
This mother writes her blog to describe this,
perfect love.
Perfect in the sense that God gave them Eli.
They praise Him.
She shows me that I am not alone.
This beautiful family have welcomed their fifth child.
Their rainbow.

Allison Fields. Mother to two of of the most
beautiful kids ever. Sarah Hazel, and Sir Cameron.
She is a inspirational woman {whether she believes it or not}
as every day is a new learning experience in raising her little ones
as they grow and thrive through some of life's uphill battles.
Allie writes about her daily struggles and rainbows through
Autism, Developmental Delays, MERLD, Feeding Disorders,
and Sensory Processing Disorders.
But through it all, she follows and loves our Savior,
Jesus Christ.

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