Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm that lady.

Hi there. Remember me? I am that lady with the {almost} 8 month old baby and I still haven't updated his sonogram picture to your right.

 I'm that lady that lurks in the shadows to read all of her favorite bloggers, and gives a sigh of relief that they have only posted a mere 4 times since the last time I had five seconds to sit down and bask in their inspiration.

I'm that lady that while everyone counts their blessings that the school bus will soon be whisking their littles away, I sit strategically organizing our home school curriculum to be sure I am covering every subject not only required by the state of California, but also aspects that makes my heart feel like they will be well rounded adult individuals.

I'm that lady that just finished making homemade organic baby food. Apples for dinner, why I'm sure he doesn't mind if he does. I'm the lady who is trying to type, and spell correctly, all the while staring at a little blue eyed face, who is showing signs of blogging displeasure.

I'm that lady who cruelly forces three others to fold their own clothes and put them away. Yep that's me.

I'm also that lady that celebrated a birthday five days ago. While the world hustled and bustled around us, we quietly lit a candle and blew it out for the one who could not be. I'm the lady who silently watches as friends and families have babies and birthday's on the 23rd of August. Ones who do get to blow out that same candle. I'm the lady who refrains from talking of these last few things anymore.

Happy 2nd Birthday Savannah.

But I still exist in this blogger world. {As much as Davis dislikes that.} Still here even though I had forgotten my blog was green, and that in my absence playlist decided it won't play my "list" here anymore.

I guess that just means, I should update. And write more. And change Davis' picture... Before he is in college and has developed a black and white complex.


charis said...

aw, good to hear an update! being a mommy is very busy so it is so understandable it has been a while. if you start writing again i will be reading. :)

my recent post: when it feels like no on sees you

The Anglin Family said...

I rarely find myself on here reading much lately. But, I do miss keeping up with so many of you!:-) I would LOVE to see sweet Davis! Must post pic:-)

John and Allie Fields said...

An update! Yay! Well, I adore THAT lady and have missed her blogging but totally understand how busy it can be trying to figure out school and having a little one around all at the same time.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest angel. I love you Savannah!