Sunday, October 31, 2010

A nurturing mother.

Most of us have it. It is something that is born the second our first baby arrives. A mother's need to nurture. To care. To love. But some of us can't physically be mother's to those babies. Today though, I noticed that the need to nurture, care for, and love that child doesn't lessen anymore.

We visited the cemetary this afternoon. The sky was grey, and the air was cold. I've been terribly sick all week, and being today was the first day of feeling more like myself, I wanted to see Savannah. The grass was damp from the rain that poured for the past few days. The kids did their usual routine of frolicing and laughing through the grass. I hadn't been to the gravesite in awhile. Right away I went to work pulling away all of the long grasses. I dusted off the face of her temporary headstone. I fluffed her ribbons, and straightened her bows. This is how I nurture Savannah. It isn't kissing boo boo's or helping her into a wedding dress, but it is mothering. And it is what I do.


John and Allie Fields said...

Hugs to you sweetie

Tina said...

Continuing to pray for you!

In Christ's Love & Prayers

Jaydens mommy said...

Thats the only form of nuturing we have for them. I do it to Jayden's stone every time I am there. I meticuoulsy clean his off. Mothering is hard from a distance but we do it and I must add you do it beautifully.