Monday, November 22, 2010

The final letter home. {Day Five.}

Saturday, August 28th, 2010
Savannah's Day Five
Written by Mommy

We've had another perfect day here at Davis! Savannah is still doing wonderful, and though today was uneventful, it was also filled with milestones.

Remember yesterday when I said her lung tissue hadn't changed, and we needed to direct prayers there? Her level yesterday was around 9, and the nurse said today her levels were around 12!! Nothing less another miracle in her little life story.

Her jaundice levels had gone up to 16.5 today, even though she had been under the jaundice lights since Wednesday night. They brought in more effective billy rueben lights this afternoon, and that will help bring down her levels. So she still has on her purple sunglasses today.

She really has started moving her stomach muscles, and moving her chest up and down so her respiration levels were up in the 40's at times!! We cheer her on when she gets into a really steady pattern.

She pooped twice today, and I was thrilled I got to BE THERE for one of the diaper changes. They offered for me to even HELP change the diaper, but since it takes two people trying not to move her chest while they do, I figured I'd leave it up to the professionals. I was just tickled that I got to witness it. That's right, I get excited over watching the nurses change dirty diapers. 

There was a point this afternoon that Savannah even got the hiccups. Which wouldn't have mattered much, but since they were so strong, the nurses didn't like how much it was moving the ECMO tubes. So they quickly stopped the hiccups with yet another medication. {I thought it was another exciting moment!}

Second most important moment of the day, besides the lung tissue? Savannah got her first official feeding today!! She gets 4ml every 3hours. So the milk supply I've been working on is finally coming to good use. When we left the hospital, she had already had two helpings today! We are praying that everything goes smoothly with the breast milk in her stomach because she is needing the nourishment, and having something to digest will produce more bowel movements which will get the jaundice out of her system even faster!

Grammy came to visit today, and it was such a treat! I am sure Savannah enjoyed the extra company! J It was great to have our family get to experience how wonderful our baby girl is doing. Grammy Darla was examining the size of diapers needed when her grandbaby gets to come home… and she is getting anxious to buy her a swing!

Tomorrow we have to head home. Nerves are setting in with the thought of having to leave her here, but it is so comforting to know what great hands she is. I know most all of the nurses have fallen in love with Savannah, so she will not go without any love! We feel so torn because we miss our other babies so much, and they miss us terribly. Although we want to be there with them now, we know that when we get home we will want to be here with her. Life hasn’t stopped, and we must continue on. We are sure with all of your wonderful prayers, Savannah will only be here for a little while longer, and then our family will all be together… where we are supposed to be now.

All our love,

Koady,  Megan, & Savannah

Savannah Day Five
August 27th-28h

{Her first mittens}

{Savannah loves her Grammy}

{Grammy touches.}
{She couldn't get enough of the soft hairs on Savannah's shoulder.}
{She wanted to snuggle up and caress her against her face.}

{Peek a Boo little one.}

{The third pair of socks in her package!}

{The nurses liked the pink better.}
{Yes I was battled by nurses over Savannah fashion!}

{Her lips were chapped, so I made them moisturize.}
{Savannah was definatly a "DIVA."}

{Yummy in her tummy! Breastmilk feeding time!}

{Her girly stuff stash.}

{A room for a Princess.}

{Her new Billy Rueben lights.}

Savannah Day Six
August 28th-29th

{On day six, we came home from Sacramento.}
{Koady told me to write my daily letter.}
{But being I had just left a peice of my heart,
I couldn't bring myself to write new news to anyone.}

{We saw Savannah that morning, and she was still doing great.}

{See you SOON baby!}

{Mommy and Daddy love you bunches!}

Savannah Day Seven
August 29th-30th

{Savannah struggled through the night of the 29th.}
{I blamed myself that it was because I was no longer there with her.}
{She needed my voice. It was what was pulling her through.}
{The nurses referred to her as doing "okay," but having a rough night.}

{They decided to do the CT Scan that same day...}
{...They would have the results the following afternoon.}

{There was only one picture taken of Savannah on her seventh day.}
{It was taken with a camera phone by one of Savannahs doctors.}
{She knew we took daily pictures of our girl, and she didn't want us to miss a day.}

{We do not have this picture on the computer.}

Savannah Day Eight
August 30th-31st

{Our farewell pictures... never sent to anyone.}

{Mommy welcome kisses!}

{Wide awake... with her swollen eye!}

{Family lovins.}

{Doesn't Mr. Snugglesworth look like he is crying.}
{He loved his Savannah too!}

{Gangs all here!}

{The picture daddy copied of the giraffe for her headstone!}

{Nothing like a daddies love for his girls.}

{Her pretty sunset.}

{Taking a moment to connect our bodies and souls!}
{Even though they already were and still are.}

{Goodbye kisses.}

{She fit so perfectly.}

{Thanks for visiting us sweet Savannah.}
{Home was calling.}


Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

Aww! This literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of precious Savannah. I truly love Savannah, and I believe she is watching over us. <3 What a sweet baby.

Savannah & Serenity - BFFs!


Tiffany said...

:'( it is wonderful that you have these pics and memories. it is just so not right that our babies are not here with us. it's just not right. ((hugs))

Charis said...

thank you for sharing such beautiful memories. she is so blessed to have parents like the two of you.