Saturday, November 20, 2010

Letters home. {Day Three}

Thursday, August 26th, 2010
Savannah's Day Three
Written by Mommy

Well, Savannah's day was a little rougher today. Although she is still doing well, she did have her moments. Which is to be expected. Last night her heart rate dropped and they had to give her epinephrine to bring it back up again.

Doctors are still thinking the tube in her heart are in too deep. Now they are talking about pulling the tubes out a little to relieve the suction when Savannah is moved. They are reviewing the x-rays some more.

Her swelling has gone down a lot from yesterday, so now her head is trying to return to the original shape. The nurses ordered a special "yellow pillow" for her head to rest on, which felt like it was filled with a gel like memory foam. They were hoping it would take the pressure off of the side of her head since she has to stay in that one position due to the tubes in her neck. They do worry that her skin will start breaking down from not being able to move her from that one spot. Kind of like bed sores. In trying to gently lift her head and place the yellow pillow under her this afternoon, the tubes did the "vacuum seal" again and they couldn't find a spot that brought flow back to the ECMO machine. Koady and I were there to watch how quickly the room can fill with three intensive care doctors, and seven nurses. {And the neonatal surgeon for ECMO.} I never imagined witnessing "code blue" being called about my child as I sit back helplessly. They had to give her another epinephrine shot, and chest compressions to get her heart rate up again. We decided that she does NOT like the yellow pillow, and again being messed with. {I told Koady we were going home and removing all yellow from her room.}

Stats are doing just fine again thankfully. Her urine has been a little pink due to the episodes she had with the pump flow last night and then again this afternoon, but they assured me that it is to be expected from her little issues.

We understand that these things are going to happen frequently, and though we hate to see it happen, it is comforting knowing what amazing hands she is in. The only exciting part of it for me, is it aroused her so much, that she was wide awake for a good five minutes afterwards and I got to see her big beautiful brown eyes... Which I haven't gotten to since the night she was born. I talked to her and she looked at me and stared right into my eyes. It was magical!! And as she looked into her mommies eyes, I just talked to her and she would raise her eyebrows as if to aknowledge what I had to say.

We bought her some pink socks today, and she wears them proudly! She does like pink, for there were no issues putting the socks on! She also has a pink bear that now sits and watches over her. We will just continue to bring in the little things that the nurses give us the go ahead to spoil her with.

She didn't get started on breast milk today as they had discussed. They plan on waiting a few more days due to where her stomach is located also.

In other good news, we talked with another mommy of a one month old in the "PICU" who was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia just like Savannah, who gets to go home shortly. There is just so much to be thankful for right now!

We send our love!
THREE DAYS OLD!!! God is great!!

Koady, Megan, & Savannah

Savannah Day Three
August 25th-26th

{Good Morning Sunshine!}

{Savannah's Dr. Seuss socks!}
{The staff LOVED these!}

{Introducing... Mr. Snugglesworth!}
{Yes, that is her bear's name...}

{Daddy and his girl}

{Always getting some kisses from momma!}


Jaydens mommy said...

So thankful for you sharing this. And I LOVE the socks and teddy bear.

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So sweet! <3