Friday, November 19, 2010

Letters home. {Day Two}

Since I've told the story of Savannah's birth, and her death, I thought I would share the letters I wrote and emailed out to our friends and family back home. They were all eager to hear details of each day we spent with her. {These will be spanned out over the next few days, leading up to her three month letter.}

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
Savannah's Day Two
Written by Mommy

Here are all of the pictures we have of Miss. Savannah so far.

They should be in order and start with the day she was born until today.

Yesterday's pictures are pretty rough, but keep in mind this was after her ECMO surgery and she hadn't been cleaned up yet.

You will see tremendous difference in the pictures from today with how wonderful she is doing, and how great she looks.

I am sure the pictures will be a little overwhelming for some, but we don't see the tubes and wires, just our beautiful and strong little girl.

We miss you all! And all three of us send our love.

Koady, Megan, & Savannah

*Savannah's stats good all day.
*2nd ultrasound done on her heart.
*Had 1st ultrasound done on her head to check for bleeding in the brain. Just checking because of how severe her swelling is.
*Laura & Mina's goals for the day is to get swelling down, and keep her from swelling more. (Tried different positions.)
*Breast milk feedings start tomorrow.
*Heart rate did go up into the 230's, the adjusted her ECMO levels and gave her a dose of something to slow her heartrate. (Afternoon 25th)
*Color and complexion much better from ECMO oxygen.
*Laura & Mina adjusted blankets under her and she opened her eyes out of irritation. (Smile)
*Heart rate dropped in the middle of the night. Doctors think the tubes in her heart are in very deep and since her heart is over to the left, when she is moved to an awkward position the tubes (being at an angle) act as a vaccum hose pushed up against the carpet. (Non medical terminology.)

{I will not be disclosing pictures of Savannah after surgery.}
{They are very personal to us, and we do not like for them to be displayed.}

Savannah Day One
August 23rd-24th

{Meeting you. Mercy Medical Center NICU.}

{Our beautiful brown haired girl.}

{Clutching onto daddy.}

Savannah Day Two
August 24th-25th

{Savannah cleaned up and swollen after her ECMO surgery}

{Us and our little fighter.}

{Her gorgeous long finger nails.}
{My love of baby hands.}


Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

She is so beautiful! She seems so big, I guess because Serenity was 1lb 10oz, I expect every baby to be that little (Which is retarded of me.). Lol. She is gorgeous. <3

Jaydens mommy said...

Your daughter is gorgeous, and I am thankful you shared her.