Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

If you don't already know me, let me let you in on a little secret... I love a good laugh. And a lot of the time, I love to be the one behind the jokes. The creator of laughter. You could say, sarcasm plays a strong role in my personality.

It didn't have anything to do with Savannah's death, the fact that my husband and I looked for humor during a rough time, it is just a part of our everyday routines. We welcomed Savannah, even though she couldn't be here with us, into our family with our typical jokes and laughter...

...After all she was born into a world of laughter.

The way we look at it is,
you need laughter during the rough times too.
Finding happiness again is most important.

And that my friends... we don't lack.
{Let me take you back.}

Do you remember back in my very first story of Savannah, how I mentioned in a brief statement, that I packed mine, and my husband's clothes? If you don't that's okay, because I will say again, sadly, I packed mine and my husband's clothes. It was 1am when we ran home to grab a suitcase to leave for UC Davis. I was a wreck, and I was greeted at the door by all of Savannah's precious things. The things I received only a day prior. Tags and packaging still dangling on every blanket, outfit, bottle, and accessory. I cried as I tried to throw things into the suitcase. I really couldn't think straight, I just knew the bag was supposed to be filled. I cried as my mom stood in my bedroom trying to fold the clean sheets that lay on the floor at the edge of my bed. We were all anxious, nervous, trying to keep our minds moving before we broke down mentally. My dad, who had been asleep on the couch, sat downstairs talking to Koady, trying to muster up words of encouragement about how sometimes these things happen and there is no real explanation. He knew he needed to be the father that held  him up when he couldn't stand anymore. The suitcase was filled, and we left on a new journey in life. 

While we were down in Sacramento, we stayed at a place called the Kiwanis house. It is the same thing as the Ronald Mcdonald house, only it is funded by UC Davis itself. {Our stay there could be a blog post in itself.} When we were finally checked into our room around 2:30pm August 24th, Koady hadn't slept in 24hrs, and I was going on 48hrs since I spent the night before in labor. The only room they had available was a "three" bed, and they told us if a two bed came available we would have to move. I was fine with that as long as it meant I had a bed to sleep in right now. We planned on taking a nap before our next visit to see Savannah. I took a shower, and Koady took one right after me. When he came out of the bathroom, he shifted through the clothes in the suitcase. "Um, where are my clothes?" I looked at him with a blank stare on my face. "Right there..." He again shifted through what laid before him. You could tell he didn't want to upset me, but he hesitantly said, "all I see are some socks, two pairs of boxers, my holey moley tee-shirt, and fifteen pairs of basketball shorts." I began laughing hysterically. He proceeded to rifle through the clothes , maybe hoping to discover something more than what the suitcase was offering. He began laughing as well and asked, "where you planning on going jogging once you got down here?" Needless to say he explained to every nurse and doctor the very next day why he was wearing his "holey moley tee shirt." Laura drew us directions to the nearest Target, where we picked up... well everything I didn't. {You know, clothes... toiletries... those very unnecessary things. *wink wink*}

The very next day, we did receive a phone call that it was time to switch rooms. In order to do so, we needed to collect our towels and put them in a laundry bag, as well as our bedding. I went into the bathroom to round up our towels and I put them in the bag, while Koady began stripping the beds.
The moment that I walked out of the bathroom Koady pulled the fitted sheet off of the bed I had been sleeping in. There was a clear mattress protector covering a huge dried puddle of blood. "I was sleeping on that?!" I screamed!  Koady once again, began laughing uncontrollably. Me being the optimist I am, tried to comfort myself in the fact I just discovered the missing crime scene from CSI. "Maybe someone just had a bloody nose?" My dear husband, whom was still laughing, managed to muster out, "Yeah, maybe they got a bloody nose after someone came in here stabbed them three times, until their head exploded!" There was no controlling our laughter then. 

Oh Kiwanis house, I am so grateful for you.
Your overwhelming smell of roast chicken, and murder mattress...
NOT so much.

And then Savannah passed.

We were back in Redding, preparing for her funeral and making arrangements with my mom. {Oh, we are so thankful for you!} As we stood in the Redding cemetery office waiting to discuss purchasing a plot we giggled over random things, to take the awkwardness out of the situation. A younger lady, came from the back and stared at us with a confused look on her face. She said, "caaaaan I  help you???"  My mom replied, "yes, we need to talk to someone about a burial plot."  She still seemed confused. {Might of been her first day, I am not sure?} "Arrrre you here to bury someone???"  We all stood in disbelief before Koady sarcastically answered, "No, we be here to bury our treasure, Arrrrrrrr." We all began laughing, including my mom, as she replied on behalf of my husband and I, "yes an infant." Needless to say, Koady got a motherly slap when the lady left the room, but it still couldn't suppress her laughter.

There are millions of story's such a this. Little moments needed, during a time where sadness and grief can overcome you.

Sometimes... you just have to laugh.
I know Savannah is giggling right along with us...

...While God rolls his eyes.


Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

Since we began talking you have always made me laugh and Koady too!!! Like I said you too were made for each other!! I laughed so hard at the missing clothes. You packed his clothes right maybe not the right ones but hey we must not be picky! LMAO!!! And especially the part about burying your treasure LMAO again over here! Btw... Were u ever called to testify in the trial of the blood stain you slept so comfortably on?
I agree... I laugh when things are rough because sometimes laughter is all we have. When I was pregnant with Jaleel I use to go on Baby Center & made some amazing friends with women who like me at 7 months preg thought food sounded better than sex,lol. Well there was this woman Angela who was having a girl Alysa and we joked how Jaleel & Alysa would marry someday. Then Jaleel died... On the phone with her one tearful night I said," Wow... 6 weeks old and Alysa is already a widow!" hahaha yeah she didn't seem to find it funny but I sure did because sometimes you have to laugh when all you want to do is cry!

John and Allie Fields said...

If your husbands holey shirts look anything like my husbands, then I can only imagine the looks he got! Hahahaha. Um, what's up with that mattress?!

Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

Omg. LMFAO! Thats all I can say!!! Thats too funny!

deziann said...

"bury our treasure"!! I love it!! LMAO

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

That is totally the way that Dave and I tried to lift the heavy feeling around the time that we lost Joshua too. We laughed alot - and some people were horrified. But it was beyond good for us.

Jaydens mommy said...

Megan......i absolutely LOVE you & Koady. Humor is sometimes what we need the most and we have to have our laughter to survive. I am so glad you guys still have yours.

The CSI scene is horrificly funny, and I love what you packed for him to wear.

You keep me remembering how important laughter can be. Thank you my dear friend.