Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 days.

That's right. I have officially made it through another 365 days and embark on another new age as of 7:43am this morning. I have a dear friend, whom I met through my loss of Savannah. She too also lost a tiny person, precious to her soul. This friend, assures me that I don't look my actual age. She truly believes in her heart of hearts that I was "actually" thrity two years old. Thanks Stacey, I am not really sure if that is a complement. Heaven help me when it IS my thirty third birthday...

Most people love their birthdays. I am not much of a celebrator. I acknowledge that as you get older, in your thirty's to be exact, birthday's become less important to you and those around you. Being a grown up entails, a phone call, a few happy birthday's here and there, some cards, maybe a few gifts, but the thoughts stop there. And that is okay by me. Especially this year... Because today cuts like a knife. 365 days ago today, Savannah "officially" became apart of our lives. There will NEVER be a birthday present that lives up to the gift of her life developing and growing inside of me.

Today I am making *24* birthday wishes,
in spirit of the *33* candles Stacey would put on a cake for me.

*Blow* #1
I wish for a bright and vibrant New Year.

*Blow* #2
I wish for a vacation for my favorite person and I.

*Blow* #3
I wish for a healthy baby boy or girl.

*Blow* #4
I wish for happiness for my friends and family
struggling through rough times right now.
(You know who you are...)

*Blow* #5
I wish for an opportunity to go on a Mission trip.

*Blow* #6
I wish I could look into
Savannah's eyes one last time.

*Blow* #7
I wish we will eventually get the Great Dane
puppy we have talked about sometime in the future.

*Blow* #8
I wish for more patience and understanding
through each of my days.

*Blow* #9
I wish I didn't let people hurt me as
often as I do.

*Blow* #10
I wish I didn't have to pack up Savannah's room.

*Blow* #11
I wish people weren't heartless &
I didn't have to worry about things
being stolen from Savannah's gravesite.
(In case you missed that, it happend.)

*Blow* #12
I wish for more date nights with my husband.

*Blow* #13
I wish for happiness and joy for my three
living little ones.

*Blow* #14
I wish for a enjoyable trip to Hawaii that my husband
has planned for us later this coming year!

*Blow* #15
I wish for doing more outdoorsy things with my husband.
Because he REALLY wants to with me! (Heehee)

*Blow* #16
I wish I would go get my California Driver's License.
We haven't lived in Kentrucky since 2007.
And I am still driving with an "Unbridled Spirit."
(That's just pure laziness there.)

*Blow* #17
I wish for new couches, coffee table, and end tables.
(Shallow I know.)

*Blow* #18
I wish to read "The Love Dare,"
and complete all of the daily gestures
on my wonderful husband.
(I Love Fireproof)

*Blow* #19
I wish to create a new "nursery."
With all of my heart, since my heart just wasn't
in it with Savannah, and now we know why.

*Blow* #20
I wish to volunteer in Church more.

*Blow* #21
I wish to remember to kiss my husband more,
and say "I love you" often.

*Blow* #22
I wish we didn't live in a two story house.
We are already outgrowing this space.
Single story, two car garage, LARGE backyard,
1600-1700 square feet would be better than 1300...

*Blow* #23
I wish I could convince my husband that Mini Vans
were the bees knees.
Or maybe a New Toyota Sequioa?
Obviously gas mileage isn't an issue with our
guzzler now!

*Blow* #24
Did I mention I wish it wasn't my birthday?

I wish that my life was exactly how it is now.

Cheer's to thirty.
I hear it's "flirty, & thriving."


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Megan!!! Hope you've had a lovely day with your family!

Nadine said...

Wait a're how old? ;P

Tiffany said...

happy birthday friend. my big 3-0 is coming up in a few days. i'm not nearly as upset about it as i was before Juju passed away. now i feel like i've turned 30 4 times over. i just feel so old and run down.

anyway, i hope you get every one of your wishes. and i hope you have the best day ever. <3

John and Allie Fields said...

Can we trade ages?

Diana Doyle said...

Dear Megan,

"Happy Birthday"....I know birthday's after losing a child don't matter anymore as the one wish you want will never come true!

I love your blow number 6 as I wish for the same eyes filled with tears reading it...

I'm sure your Angel Savannah is with you today...look for the little signs like songs, feathers, pennies, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog about 'my Savannah.'

I hope you can have as good a day as you are gorgeous and look fabulous!

Sending a hug on your birthday in this message.
Diana x

Mattie said...

Happy Birthday and many hugs and prayers for the year ahead!

Charis said...

happy birthday megan! may this year be filled with 365 blessings and all your prayers answered and hopes strengthened.