Saturday, January 22, 2011

If I could write a letter... to me.

A beautiful writer recently made a blog post in reference to Brad Paisley's "Letter to me." She took this song, and decided to write her own letter to herself at seventeen. I just had to steal this idea, and write my own letter.

"If I could write a letter... to me... 
And send it back in time to myself at seventeen."

There are many things and many milestones you have already accomplished as a young seventeen year old. You are already married to the love of your life, and the two of you are expecting your first baby. Wow, not your typical seventeen year old letter I suppose.
First of all let me tell you, despite your age, don't let that fool you that you can be the best mother possible. One day there will be a reality tv show just about mothers your age. This show is nothing what you will become. It gives teen parenting and teenage "relationships" a very bad name. You are so much more than that. You will be a great mother... even though at times you will forget. Or question that. That is normal.

Becoming a mother will bring you closer with your mom. You will realize the way you treated her in the past was not what you ever wanted for your mother. The sooner you apologize, the better. She will be there for you. She has cradled babies, and raised children. Our mothers know far more than we do. After all they have more life experience. It is okay to admit that you don't know everything. Neither does she. 

You will fill your arms with four children that you've dreamed of since you were a little girl. There are many scraped knees to kiss, and hugs to give headed your way. Many sleepless nights, postpartum depression to overcome, and tear soaked pillows are coming in your future. Please don't be scared... Though some days will be more trying than others, always remember that you love it, and you wouldn't change your life for the world.

Your husband will always be your everything. In writing this letter, you are still married, in love, and are stronger than ever. He is your best friend. Remind him you love him often... everyday. {Even when he frustrates you. Cause he will. And you will him.} Don't ever take him for granted, I promise you there is nothing better out there. He is perfectly made just for you.

God will become your everything. You may not know Him well now, but He is waiting for you. He anticipates your love and devotion everyday. You life will become easier once you find his grace. Your mother-in-law will give you a book that will change your life forever. Once you start reading this book, you will come to the moment that you're born again. Trust me, it will be the best moment of your life. And I assure you, you won't make it through the trials you will have to face.

You will make new friends. You will discover what "true" friends really are. They will help you grow. They will make you smile. They will be there for you through all situations...

You will have a healthy baby girl, and two more boys... Even though you will wish more than anything for them to also be girls. Momma's boys are wonderful, so you get over the "it's a boy" thing quickly.
Your fourth... the baby girl you have waited so many years for... She will be a treasure. This perfect creation, will not be able to stay with you. She will change your life forever, and bring so much love with her. Even though it won't be easy, I promise, everything will be okay. The God whom you don't know yet... He holds your hand every step of the way. Now He holds your baby girl. You and your husband will only grow closer and stronger. Don't ever hold in your tears. It's okay to cry.

Always forgive and ask for forgiveness. The grudges you have a tendency to hold will never feel better in your heart. Love as many people as you can. Life is short. This will be shown to you... Better late than never.

That is far as I can take you for now... until then, I am still experiencing this "story unfolding."

By the way... baby #5 may be on its way...


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a precious, precious letter. I can see what a beautiful heart you have. I found your FB fan page through Stef's linky party today... and had to come over and check out your blog. So happy I did! :)

The Martha Complex said...

BEAUTIFUL letter. :) I loved it.