Friday, January 21, 2011

When you think of my baby.

I just have to share this because it has been on my mind lately. Tonight as I laid in a bath, it came jogging back into my thoughts. And there it ran, over and over again...

First of all, my mother in law and I have had our ups and downs. There have been hurt feelings on both sides, but one thing is for sure, she always loved her grandbabies. All seven of them. Sarah was her first-04'. {Girl.} Then she was blessed with Michael-05', Noah-05', Ryder-07', Brody-07', and Asher-10'. {Boys!} Following shortly behind Asher, {because my sister-in-law and I have a strange way of having babies in the same year if you noticed} came Savannah-10'.

She lives 2,500 miles away in Kentucky. We called her one night while we were at Davis, and told her, her granddaughter was here. Being there is a three hour time difference, if I remember correctly {because there were so many phone calls} she was half asleep. She knew the phone call was announcing her latest grand baby. I could hear the excitement in her voice. And then we had to finish with what we should have never had to say. Savannah was not the healthy grandbaby she was used to welcoming. She sobbed into the phone. And then went right to work, as the prayer warrior I know she is... Along side all of her family and friends as well.

The night Savannah passed, the message we had to relay was far worse than the first message she had to receive. Only it was much later for her than the first time. Her sobs were enough to wake her husband, Johnny, whom is also devoted to the grandkids. Before we had even made it home from Sacramento that night, she called us back scheduling a plane ticket out here. She wasn't going to miss her granddaughters funeral.

Sadly, her trip was over before it ever began. She rode with us to the funeral. As two brokenhearted grandmothers, her and my mother cradled each other as they cried, sitting behind Koady and I at Savannah's funeral service.

She shared something with Koady recently in a phone conversation, and this is what has been on my mind...
For Christmas she received a very special gift. {A gift very special to her heart, but little does she know it is just as special to mine.}

A gym bag. 

Now, I know you must all think I've gone off the deep end, but let me continue. This isn't an ordinary gym bag. Johnny had it personalized. On one side it reads:

Sarah, Michael, Noah,
Ryder, Brody, & Asher

On the other:

In loving memory,
Savannah Fraser

A simple gift. A gift that continues to acknowledge that Savannah was and is her granddaughter. She isn't afraid to share with the world she too, has become an "angel grandma." 

Sarah and Savannah. Her only two girls. 

When you think of my baby...
...even after she is gone...
...the love I have for you is far greater
than any love you could 

Thank you for remembering Savannah's name.
Despite our trials and hardships.
Thank you, for loving our girl.


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

It really does mean the world doesn't it?

Some of my family members have done things like that. My sister cross stitched a pillow for my mom and it has all 11 of the grandkids on it - including Joshua just warmed my heart incredibly. I see it every time we go see my parents and I smile.

I love the gym bag idea - so meaningful!

John and Allie Fields said...

That is the sweetest thing.