Thursday, January 27, 2011

In case I ever forget to tell you...

In the days of planning Savannah's funeral service, we had to answer a hard question. "Who was going to be our officiator?" Pastors ran through our mind, but no. No they wouldn't have the strong connection that someone else might have in regards to Savannah's life.

Growing up, Koady's family were so close with the Brulc family. The head of the household, Scott, used to minister in a church, and now just ministers through opportunities in his life, and uses his amazing spirit and wonderful outlook on life to do so. He knew Koady. On a far deeper level. He knew me from the beginning of our marriage. He knew Savannah. He prayed for her. He prayed for her on his own time, and openly with my mother-in-law through text messages. Spreading his faith to her. Scott had earned his place, as one of the most important people to spread Savannah's love on the day of her final goodbye.

The morning of the funeral, Koady and I met him for breakfast. Scott met us at the front of the restaurant, and embraced both of us in a hug. A true, deep, never let you go kind of hug. We knew in that moment Scott would never let us go. Not once, did we reach the uncomfortable silence that we have met with so many. While we waited for breakfast, Scott praised God for so much. It was as though, God really did send him to be our voice that day. We smiled as Scott talked about how great our Father really is. Not a moment in the cool rainy morning slipped by that we weren't embracing Savannah's life. Savannah's stories. Savannah's death. As we drove home to get ready, I held back tears knowing we couldn't have picked anyone better to be Savannah's voice as well.

Scott did more in his eulogy than we could have ever hoped for. Though this may sound strange, {why would anyone want to relive a day like that?} I wish Savannah's funeral could have been video taped. So I could sit and take myself back to that day.... as many times as I would like. So I could share in our final goodbye with all of my children on a day when they are older. When they would understand a little better. Scott helped that day be so magical for me. I would relive it again, if I was able.

We had a closed casket for Savannah. I was still so protective of her, though her soul had left her fragile little body eight days before. There were only a few people that saw Savannah finally at peace. That saw her beautiful vessel that brought her into the world, and gave her the path to heaven. Koady and I ofcourse. My dad. My mom. Koady's mom. My grandma, aunt, and cousin. And Scott.

I learned later that he told many people, that she was beautiful. Thank you Scott, for she really was. And thank you for your prayers for this new little gift from the Lord....

In case I ever forget to tell you...
We love you.

{Take notice of his purple shirt and tie.}
{We did not plan this.}
{Savannah told him what to wear!}


John and Allie Fields said...

Don't you just love when God puts someone like Scott into your life? We all need a Scott!

Charis said...

i know scott! that is so awesome he was the one to do your service for savannah. he is a good man.

Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

OMG! :'(

That is beautiful!