Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lives that never get a chance.

This subject has been on the front of my mind for quite a few months now. Night before last, as though God was trying to push me into writing a blog on those feelings, my husband told me something that was more than startling. It was horrifying.

Here at A Story Unfolding, I feel as though there are beliefs I have that alienate some readers or may aggravate people of opposite views. So in hesitation to writing this blog, I understand that I may upset someone or possibly loose viewers. With that being said, being I was a 16year old mother, and a mother who has also buried a child, I feel I am more than qualified to say what I am about to say...

Recently at an Abortion Clinic in the country we've become so proud to demolish, a young girl went in to receive what is known as the "kill pill." The FDA approved medical abortion pill "Misoprostol," which causes contractions to induce labor for women, is given after an initial pill is taken, "mifepristone." The young girl, was unaware of how far along she was, and after a "guessed" due date, was given the abortion pills. She delivered a full term, still born baby a few days later.

This is heartbreaking.  Maybe to some out there, this doesn't effect them. But my heart aches. I am sure many people in the world might retort by saying, "these young mothers deserve a chance." But I've been a teenage mother. I have put my blood sweat and tears into what others flush away.
Look at the beautiful girl she is growing into...

If those women could see a picture like this of their unborn child, would they still feel the same way? If they wanted their babies, yet death was unavoidable would saving a life be a little less taken for granted? Had I been eight weeks pregnant with Savannah and was told "your unborn baby has a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and a zero percent chance of survival," I would have still carried her to term. I would have one hundred more babies all with CDH if God gives me the chance to see their precious faces. To love them, and hold them. To give them every chance in the world.

I'm not saying you have to keep the baby, for there are so many families out there who cannot receive such a beautiful gift for so many different reasons. A new law is trying to be passed in some states. Adoption only. Making it illegal to perform abortions, and if you do not want your baby, adoption is the only option. I see nothing wrong with this.

3,700 abortions are performed in the United States everyday. 
That's 154 every hour, or 2 every minute! 
Babies that were NOT wanted.

SIDS alone takes 7,000 babies a year.
583 a month, almost 1 baby an hour.

Still not as much as abortions,
But keep in mind that is JUST SIDS!
That isn't including Congenital Defects,
Prematurity, and many many other occurances.

Multiply that by three...

Because these babies WERE wanted.
So with every baby lost,
there is a mother and father crying over a casket.

The answer is not always black and white.

Eventually life will bring so much color to you.

I've talked with some of the ladies at the local Crisis Pregnancy Center here in town, and have offered to share Savannah's Story and Video with any ladies considering, "the easy route." With any luck Savannah could go on to save ones, like her, with no voice...

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John and Allie Fields said...

I agree with you on this 100%!!!!!


100% agree with you! It takes a lot for a person to do what you did...in raising a beautiful daughter at 16 years old AND carrying a precious baby to the end knowing that it might not turn out okay. You are such a strong person!


Cally said...

I totally agree!!

The statistic are very sad. :( I've never seen the actual numbers on it, but it is so very heartbreaking. Especially considering how hard it is for some of us to get pregnant (and stay pregnant), to see someone who can be blessed with something we can't, it really hurts.

charis said...

made me cry. your words are powerful. there are so many families willing to take a baby that the mom doesn't feel equipped to raise, even me! - there are NO unwanted babies. thanks for writing this. savannah will give other babies a chance.

Jennifer said...

You are so very correct with this post!!! I love this!

aliciamarie911 said...

I was actually wanting to write about this over the weekend. I couldn't have said it any better than you did! Thanks for writing this. I would give anything for a baby--why would someone abort a sweet little innocent life?

Airin Ahmed said...

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