Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eternal Life.

My children wear me out sometimes.
I try to guide them with instruction and love, but sometimes no matter how many times you tell them something, they may still make mistakes. Sometimes my children frustrate me. Sometimes my children disappoint me. Sometimes I wonder if I've done anything right.

But I love them. 

Even when I am worn out. Even when I tell them something may times, and they still make mistakes. Even when they frustrate me. Even when they disappoint me. Even when I worry that I'm not doing anything right.

I heard recently a parent {who's children were grown} say, "every parent says, I just want my Children to be happy. But it's a lie. Every parent wants their child to be happy being successful." I may only have tiny tots at home still, but I don't believe that statement has to be a lie. I believe that if you raise your children right, your children will be successful in many different aspects of their lives. To raise a child in the light of the Lord, sheds light on everything they will need to be able to build a life for themselves outside of our home. Success to me is more than just money, it's being a decent person. A person who isn't lazy. A Person whom makes smart decisions. A person who cares for others more than themselves. A person who loves.

As Brody, Michael, and I made a trip to the grocery store earlier last week, it hit me. To truly love... a love like Christ has for us... we must sacrifice. I believe the role of a mother, is a similar being to our Lord, Jesus Christ. We stood outside of that grocery store, waiting to make our way across the parking lot. Hand in hand, we stepped out into the crosswalk before a lady came speeding around the corner. Quickly I pulled my children to the side and stepped in front of them,  anticipating the idea, that she was not going to stop. She slammed on her breaks before waving us through, in a irritated manner. When we got the the car, safe and sound, I sat there a moment thinking about my motherly reaction.

In an instant, without a second to think, I placed my body in front of theirs as though it would work as a protection shield. This obviously wasn't reasonable, since my body would not actually stop the car from possibly doing them harm. But a mother's love is sacrificial. Just as Jesus' life was for us. So many mothers loose their babies, their children, everyday. Of every mother I know who has lost a baby not one of them hasn't said they wouldn't take their childs place. They would make that sacrifice to save their child. 

April. A month for remembering, and being thankful for what Christ gave for us. He laid down his life so we could be saved. He knew what the outcome on earth would prevail. He knew His death was imminent. But in an instant, without hesitation, without regards, 
He came,
He sacrificed, 
He died
He rose again. 

Every Easter Sunday, we are reminded of how deep a father's love truly is. God's love for us extends far greater than the love we could slightly begin to understand with our own children. The Lord made many promises. But He never promised our lives would be easy. He never said, that with Him there would never be pain. That there would never be heartache. There would never be struggles. He said,  "through Him we would conquer." {Romans 8:37} 

The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction...
and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. 
                                                                                      ~Robert Flatt


Melissa said...

So true. He never promised an easy walk, but what comfort to know to whom we are walking. :)


Very true! You write so beautifully!

charis said...

so good. it is true that a mother would lay down here life - i think it is a way we get to learn the love of God more than we have ever known it before. no greater love... right?

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Caroline said...

So very true. Beautiful post !!

Jennifer said...

So true and so well said mama!