Saturday, April 23, 2011

Growing away from my very eyes.

My sweet little one,

Your eight month mark falls a day short of Easter this year. Every month that passes I am greeted with the familiar feeling of, "wow I can't believe you would be that old now."

Easter and Christmas are mommies favorite holidays. And though I wished I could hold you through out your first Christmas, and even though I wish you could crawl right through our Easter Sunday celebrations tomorrow, I am so thankful for these holidays. These holidays, though they are filled with your void, remind me so much of the promise of where you are... why you are there...

Tomorrow morning, Savannah, please hug Him for me. Tell Him I shed tears over His tragic death. But I shed tears for the hope we have because He stood again. Every year Easter reminds mommy of all He sacrificed for us. This year... the tears fall because it means even more to my heart. Granted we will be with you again someday baby girl... mommy, daddy, and your brothers and sister are still here. This year for Easter, Christ's blood was spilled so you sweetheart, would feel no more pain. So your lungs could be filled with His sweet life. There are no more teary eyes, or medical hurdles you have to cross. All because of His cross.

I miss you little girl. Have the best Easter ever. Know that my heart will be with you tomorrow.



charis said...

the resurrection takes on a whole new meaning when you think of those who have gone before. wishing she could celebrate with you but so thankful that the hope exists that you will be reunited because of this weekend 2000 years ago. blessings to your family this weekend!

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Thinking of you tomorrow, hope it is a good day.

elena said...

*hugs* Easter & Christmas are my favorites too. I like them all, but these hit me the hardest, Christmas especially. Thinking of you.