Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 days of Thankful {Day Two}

Day two already. I cannot fathom where the time has been going lately. Let me sit and ponder for a minute which one of my "thankfuls" takes second place. Lets just say, each one cannot be measured.

Today, I am thankful for my husband. Our far from perfect marriage. And our almost {December 27th, to be exact} eight years of "I do's."

My husband is my soul mate. Cliche right? Nope. Not when you know. By soul mate, I do not mean we don't drive each other nuts. By soul mate, I do not mean we like all the same things, and are completely alike.

We are opposites in many ways. He drives me nuts at times, and I know that I repay him in the same way. He plays video games, and loves movies and electronics to the point sometimes that I would like to walk into Best Buy with a baseball bat and smash, well everything. He leaves dirty socks lying, well wherever they happen to fall. His idea of organized usually can be defined as "unseen."

But these are his quirks. And without them, I am realizing that he wouldn't be exactly who his is. Mine. And I take him with his "flaws." Because he has taken me with all of mine.

Everyday, he helps me grow. Marriage is not easy. It wasn't the first year. It wasn't the fifth year. It isn't the seventh going into the eighth. I know it will not be any easier the twenty-fifth. But we are both imperfect. Without the grace of my husband in my life, I would not have the relationship with Christ that I have today. From one very intelligent God fearing man, I discovered Faith. I discovered true love.

My husband wakes everyday, and provides for our entire household. Through him, his dedication, and his ethics, I am able to spend everyday at home. Guiding, teaching and nurturing our children. He has never once made me feel resented for this.

One of the the most important reasons why I am so grateful for him. The strength he provided through the death of our daughter. For the prayers he prayed for me. For the encouragement and support. For being able to teach me that goodbye does not mean forever. For the gift of life he gave to me. I am a mother only through his love. Our Savannah, was half of him. The best of both. And he held my hand and my heart as we held our heads high, and looked death straight in the face...

For him, and everything he means to me. On this day, and everyday, I am thankful.


Danielle said...

You said I wouldn't cry. That was so not true! As I sit here trying to write this, I am looking at the keyboard through blurry eyes. I am so glad that you and Koady found each other! You are truly meant to be together and I am Thankful that he is now in our family. Not as a son-in-law but he has taken his spot in our lives as another son. Blessings, one of the many gifts that GOD brings to us, even if at the time we don't understand what is going on. Koady is one of those little blessings.
Megan, thank you for finding him, thank you for going against your Mom and Dad. If you hadn't, we wouldn't have Koady, Sarah, Michael,Brody and Savannah and.... baby #5.
I Love You and I Love Koady as my own. Without you 2, I wouldn't have 5 of 7 of the most BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT Grandchildren in the world

charis said...

this is a great tribute to your husband and your marriage. it is amazing how going through the toughest trials of life can either drive you apart or bring you closer than ever. a Godly husband who prays is priceless.

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