Thursday, October 28, 2010

An uncles love.

This is a paper that my brother wrote for his English Literature class, shortly after Savannah passed. It means so much to me, and it is so beautiful I had to share it. Enjoy~

Lamentations of August

Where did you go, Little One
You’ve only just arrived

I step out into the soft and empty night
The moon is low
And hangs just above the darkened rooftops
Half of it is missing
Much the same as my grieving heart

I do not pretend to understand this, Little One
For I am selfish
And much of me wishes to keep you here

I was roused from my bed to hear only my name
The rest was unspoken and I knew of my own accord
“No!” I said, before the voice could continue
“Momma don’t tell me that” I manage, nearly choking on the words

But you had already left us, Little One
And there was nothing I could do

Your time here was all too brief
But who am I to judge
And in your precious few days upon this Earth
You were able to experience much

For instance, Love – unconditional love
And Prayer – unbounding prayer that circled the entire globe
Sadly, some live long without ever having had either

So I bid you a safe journey home, Little One
Though I will feel your absence always

Perhaps my dear Savannah
You were very aptly named
Greek Mythology refers to Heaven as the Fields of Elysium
A final resting place for the souls of the heroic and virtuous
Most assuredly you are both

Please take care of yourself, Little One

I beseech you to fancy childish romps through golden treeless fields
Live every moment in a way that you never could here with us
Can you feel the Sun’s warmth upon your face
The soft soil between your toes
The flowing breeze in your hair
Can you hear the rustle of the fields, as they sway to and fro

Wait for me, Little One
And I will see you when my work here is done.

Nathaniel W. A. Caeton ã  


John and Allie Fields said...

I love it! Your brother is a great writer.

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Wow, very emotional post.

Tina said...


It leaves me speechless! All I can say is IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

In Christ's Love & Prayers