Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who are you little one?

So you may think it's a little soon for my husband and I to be thinking of baby names... but we are. And we already have the boy named official. But although we have a middle name picked out for a girl, we cannot decide on a first name.

For a baby boy,

::Lincoln Davis::

"From the lake"

Meaning has no real significance.
It isn't anything special or meaningful.

But after Savannah passed my husband and I found
ourselves watching countless TV shows that were either 
over or had many seasons to pre occupy our minds.
We found ourselves enjoying... Prison Break.

It is actually a good show, and we found alot
of humor in it, as we joked about the silly
things the inmates would say or do.
Kind of unrealistic, but we liked it.
It brought us happiness and laughter...
One of the main characters name's was Lincoln.
His brother's name was Michael.
Michael's girlfriends name was Sarah.
We liked it.
We thought it would make a good
middle name with Davis.

We were planning on having Davis as the first name.
But then I met a dear friend on facebook.
We have never met face to face, but sadly
we have a great deal in common.
Our babies are friends in heaven.
Her Serenity and my Savannah.

Beautiful Serenity Morgyn was born July 11th, 2010.
Her mommy was only six month pregnant. 
She went to heaven the same day.

Serenity's mommy, has been such a place of comfort.
She has brought much needed laughter to my life
these days, and I realized something a few days ago...

Serenity lived with her mommy and daddy in
Lincoln, Alabama.
And I knew, that Lincoln was designed to be the first name.
(((Thank you Serenity)))
(Hug my girl for me)

{Click here to read Serenity's Story}

"Son of David"

Obvious reasons.

UC Davis Medical Center
The keeper of Savannah's life.
They deserve so much more than just a name.

And the middle name for a baby girl,


"Belief, Faith."

Something we have for this baby.
Something we had for Savannah.

Faith that everything happends for a reason.
Faith that everything will be okay.
Faith that the Lord holds her life in His hands.

But, we can't decide on a first name. So many things we have been considering, but nothing speaks to us yet. Some we have considered:

"Crowned with Laurel."

Like I've mentioned,
Laura was Savannah's nurse at Davis.
She treasured our girl, & holds a place in our hearts.

"Gracious, Merciful"

Strong touching meaning.
Could carry a piece of Savannah's name.


Another good meaning.
Goes with the beginning "S" names of our girls,
and ends in the "ah" sound of our girls.

If you have any suggestions,
please I would love to know...

You could help name our Rainbow baby!
{If we have a girl ofcourse.}


Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

Megan! You have me crying! That is so sweet! I love Lincoln Davis!

For a girl, I love Sophia Faith. <3

If Serenity was a boy, she would have been Trystan Gabriel, and we had a few girl names we liked, but Serenity just "fit".

In fact Savannah was on our list.
Savanna Kolette was the exact name on the list (I still have it).

We also have Trinity, Aubrey, and Celine.

But she is Serenity Morgyn, and I couldn't imagine it any other way. <3

It will be the same when you name your rainbow, as I'm sure it is for Savannah, and your other babies!

Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

"In fact Savannah was on our list.
Savanna Kolette was the exact name on the list (I still have it)."

Oops! I left off the 'h' at the end of Savannah.. it was spelled with an 'h' on the end like your Savannah.

Jaydens mommy said...

I <3 Sophia Faith! Thats beautiful.

Megan said...

Sophia Faith is my husband's first choice too! :) You girls will be on his favorite list! <3

Serenity's Mommy ♥ said...

Your hubby is smart, girl! :))

John and Allie Fields said...

I love all of those names! I really like the idea of Anna for the reason that you mentioned. Anna Faith.

deziann said...

I love them all, but I think Anna is my favorite or maybe Sophia....they are both beautiful names.