Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Motherhood is not for the weak of heart. It begins the second you discover the little life growing within. It continues long after the grave. Whether it be ours... or theirs...

Sometimes I find myself incapable for the task that the Lord has laid before me. Every morning I wake to give all of my being to three little people selflessly. There are days I fall short of the "selfless" tasks I need to overcome.
But even with my job being harder than anything in the world, I know that my job, my title, is raising/forming/molding our future. And personally I think our futures look very bleak...

One glorious night, thousands of years ago, a Father gave himself, selflessly, to his children. He didn't have to. But he did. Out of the sheer love and devotion He always holds in his heart. He stood back to watch the devastation we brought upon ourselves. He stepped down from his thrown to save us all. That cold night, a perfect baby boy was cradled in a manger, by his loving mother. Sweet Mary. She held in her arms a piece of her heart. A child given to her by our almighty Father. A boy that will grow into a man, and that would die before her very eyes. She would one day be cradling his vacant body. A son that she would bury and mourn for. 

But a King who's life meant far more than just his tragic death. 

God knew the outcome of the life he bore to Mary, that very first Christmas. Mary was chosen for the burden God knew she would face. Though I am far from Mary, she was indeed a blessed woman, I would like to think God chose me in the same thoughtful way that he chose Mary. To bear the burden of Savannah's life unlived.

Every drop of blood shed from the tiny, innocent baby born unto us Christmas day, saved me. Saved you. Saved Savannah. 

Today, I look around at the world before me. We have yet again, brought devastation to our lives. We have destroyed the relationship between the one man, whom was born into our world to bring us peace. Give us love. Show us divine mercy. The world spits upon the feet of the maker of heaven and earth. The one whom formed us, created us, planned for us. 
I pray for our future. I will selflessly give myself to my children... to instill in them, the people we should always strive to be. Whether that makes us outcasts or not.

Merry CHRISTmas
& Happy Birthday Baby Boy
After all you can't take the CHRIST
out of Christmas.


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

So true, and so amazing - what HE did for us.
And yes, totally love this song!!!

Tiffany said...

Danielle said...

Amen to that! God please give us the wisdom and grace to do your will For with YOU all things are possible.
Very good blog post and appropriate for the season.
I Love You,my precious girl! ;)