Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Savannah.

My sweet Savannah,

Four months old already? Seems like just yesterday I was in shock and awe over the idea of you being three months old. The past month has been filled with the usual hustle and bustle, and I think that has sped up time around here for mommy and daddy.

Every Christmas preparation has included a thought of you and your beautiful little face. Sarah, Michael, and Brody all anticipate Santa's arrival, and there are three little gifts under the tree to each of them just from you! I know you would want them to feel your love from heaven. We really do feel it everyday.

Last night, I stood outside on our back porch. It was a clear and glowing night. The stars twinkled above me, and the full moon gleamed it's radiance down upon my face. I took a deep breath, and filled my lungs with crisp very cold December air. It smelled so good. It smelled as though there wasn't a stressful thing in the world. It was just "that moment." Such a perfect evening could only be given to my heart from you in that very moment. 

You stocking will be filled with many letters this year. I write to you every month, but this will give everyone a chance to sit down and fill the arms of angels with love to be delivered to you baby.

Your still in my thoughts and heart everyday sweet girl. Mommy has a letter for your stocking too! 
Merry Christmas Savannah.
What a lucky girl you are.


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Nadine said...

Merry Christmas Angel Baby! We'll be thinking of you and your precious family!!! I'm sure you are loving heaven, but I sure wish you could be home in your mommy and daddy's arms! Love,
Josh, Nadine and Jaden!!!