Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where our heart is.

After Savannah passed, as most of you know, I created the photo slide show of her "little life." I edited and re-edited it. I knew it had to be just perfect. Something that I would have forever, but also my tribute, her mother's tribute to her time here. 

The days after it was created, Koady and I watched it over and over. We uploaded it to youtube, and shared her video with anyone we talked about Savannah with. Our mission first thing each morning, was to check and see how many people had watched it... and ofcourse to watch it ourselves. Again and again throughout the day. 

Time has passed. Savannah's video isn't watched much anymore in our household. Occasionally I'll stop in to take a peek of a different time. But it doesn't feel the same either. In the beginning there was comfort, awe, and inspiration in those first grieving days. Now it feels almost like a time that never really existed. Almost as though we captured a dream on video. 

Things are easier now. We don't need that extra crutch we once used in a slide show. I am so thankful that we have so many beautiful pictures of our girl. She will always be displayed in the picture frames on our walls. She will always be a piece of the Fraser family puzzle. 

This morning, I stopped in to see her video once again. Seems like years ago we were taking our "sunglass" pictures with Savannah.... Was it years ago? Nope it was only almost four months. Four short months ago...

We buried a part of our heart here in Redding, California. I don't think we will be moving away anytime soon.

This is where our heart is.


Nadine said...

Hugs! I'm so glad you have so many pictures of her! Pictures are so special...Your strength and grace amazes me! <3

John and Allie Fields said...

I don't think I would ever be able to leave either...