Thursday, March 10, 2011

Any day now.

I remember, what seems like yesterday when I was waiting for fall. I was ready for the change of the crisp cool feeling in the air. For the smoky smells of families staying warm next to the first winter fire. In all actuality "winter" for us here in California, started about three weeks ago. January was a pleasant 75degrees. February is the sneaky month. I think we always forget that. The groundhog must be going blind of old age, {since he has been doing his "job" for so long} and mistook not seeing his shadow this year. Though, in my opinion, I don't know who's idea it was to base our weather on a groundhog anyways. Is there any factual truths to see or not to see a shadow? I told my husband I didn't believe in groundhogs. (Referencing ground hogs DAY.) He ofcourse thinks now, I think groundhogs are nothing less than mystical creatures. 

This year, well any year with children a mom is usually ready for warm weather. Three energetic lives don't enjoy sitting in the house day in and day out. It makes for an even drearier day. Mothers around the world look forward to sending their children out into the warm sunshine... to explore imaginations and wonderment. This mother? I myself, have a case of severe cabin fever. This past weekend, in every effort to re-introduce my family to nature, I bundled up my bunch and sat in the rain with three little fishing pole lines bobbing patiently out in the water. Not a nibble. But it made not only their hearts smile, but mine as well.

I don't think through life a memory will be made without even a brief thought of the little Missy that is missing out. I tried to picture a happy six month old, bundled up in her pink flowered car seat. A six month old fishing? Probably not their idea of a good time. I laughed at the thoughts I miss out on now.

Lightning McQueen Fishing Pole?-Check
Diapers?- Check
Live worms?- Gross but check
Oh, don't forget the burp rags and wipes!

Savannah will never be far from the wonderful things we do in life. So I don't really feel sad without her  physically joining us. Fishing with Savannah is much easier now. She fishes in the gorgeous lakes in heaven right along side us, I am sure. A purple fishing pole? Oh yes! Jesus as her fishing buddy? Defiantly!! 

One difference? 
I bet SHE caught something...


John and Allie Fields said...

How cool to sit beside Jesus and fish! I bet he tells her lots of cool stories, even ones about when you were a little girl =)

ginatoothe said...

I too am looking forward to Spring. I love seeing the signs all around me, but it doesn't seem to be getting here fast enough!! I wish you a joyful Spring, and a time of renewal and new beginnings. I loved this post and enjoyed reading about your fishing tales. Bet Savannah catches a big fish too ;)