Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, hello stranger.

Christmas 2010 was another glorious holiday at the Fraser household. There was much magic, much happiness, and many blessings to be had. It was a day filled with family and warmth. Presents and yummy food. Children's eyes twinkling in sparkling papers and bows. And it left us all too quickly...

{Christmas Eve... Our Presents!}

 {Savannah Bear}
{From: Grammy Darla & Auntie Stacy}

{Savannah's Ornaments}
 {Savannah's Stocking}

Savannah received many beautiful letters this year. When I first asked people to send her a letter for her stocking, my husband told me not to get my hopes up. I tried not to. In the end I realize that those whom sent letters, are the ones who matter. I was surprised at those who didn't... but God just shows you the lights in your life through simple gestures of love such as this. {Thanks to Wendi & Katelyn. "Auntie Sarah, Uncle Shawn, and Baby Cousin Hailey." "Grandma"/Mom. Auntie Terri & Harvey. Great Auntie Mil, & Nana. Ali, Samantha, and Uncle Nate & Auntie Desi.} All of these people... all of these sweet souls, are the ones who remember Savannah four months after she has left us. These are my dear family and friends who took a few minutes to sit down this Christmas and share some of the magic through their feelings in their "letters to heaven." 
2010 has come and passed. Last night as I lay in bed at 12:00, listening to everyone celebrating the embark on a new year, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I do not want to say goodbye to 2010. So many beautiful things happend in 2010...

We found out we were pregnant.

We moved into our new home.

We bought our new car.

We found out we were having a GIRL!

Sarah & Michael learned how
to swim!

Mommy took swimming lessons
with Brody, VERY pregnant.
He dropped out. (Haha!)

Sarah & Michael started school.


We made many new friends
with the loved ones at UC Davis.

Savannah passed away.

We held our very first funeral.

Koady's mom visited from Kentucky.

My mom stayed with us for a month.

And many many, life long memories.

Why would I ever want to say goodbye to this???

But since 2010 is already a piece of our history, and we will all be getting used to signing everything with "11" now, I guess this is my goodbye... and this is my Hello to 2011. Nice to meet you stanger... what do you have in store? I have many new years resolutions to come...

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Stacey said...

sorry I didn't write a letter to Savannah I didn't know what to say but I hope you know I love you & Savannah very much. I love her teddy bear ;-)